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Development Trend of Cable Filling Rope Industry

Time:2017-06-17 09:24:02CTR:

(1) Breaking the boundaries of the original industry, the cable filler rope has been established and developed in depth for various industries, and then it may be transitioned to guide market consumption.
(2) Under conditions permitting, through various means, including joint ventures and cooperation, continue to draw on advanced foreign products and processes and equipment to develop my country's cable-filled rope equipment and improve the technical level.
(3) The domestic low-end market capacity will be squeezed smaller and smaller. Some enterprises have diversified and reorganized. Some enterprises will reduce the proportion of plastic machinery and switch to multiple operations. Some enterprises will avoid domestic vicious competition and open up foreign markets.
(4) Social professional cooperation will gradually mature. Some manufacturers will concentrate on expanding their business in a certain local market.
(5) Individual far-sighted and powerful enterprises began to increase investment in science and technology, speed up the absorption of high-quality management and scientific and technological personnel, in order to further develop and fight against the world powers.

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