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Points to note when buying cable filler rope

Time:2017-06-17 09:10:17CTR:

With the continuous development and progress of the technology of cable accessories, people's demand for the types and quality of cable accessories continues to increase, and there are many types of cable filler ropes. There are many cable filler ropes of various brands on the market. What should I pay attention to when buying cable filler rope? Next, let Shingo Cable Co., Ltd. briefly introduce some points that should be paid attention to when buying cable filler rope.
First, if we are going to the market to buy a cable filler rope, we should first look at the color of the inner core of the cable filler rope. A lot brighter, this is because the copper content of a good cable is relatively high, so its color is relatively pure.

Second, we need to carefully check whether the cable filler rope has sufficient elasticity. When we remove the outer skin, the filler rope with excellent quality is very elastic.

The conductor position of the third-quality cable-filled cable is in the middle, and it is very bright when viewed from the outside, it feels very smooth to the touch, there is no flaws when touched by hand, there is no unevenness, it can be said There should be no flaws in appearance or other aspects.

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