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New measuring method of cable filling rope

Time:2017-06-17 09:22:43CTR:

To solve the problem that the three-core cross-linked cable is not round, a new approach must be taken, and a new method of measuring the diameter of the parallel stranded soft cotton must be adopted.

The parallel cable filling rope has been used for many years, and its "diameter" measurement problem has not been solved, mainly due to the fluffy and soft, irregular cross-sectional shape; the conventional diameter measurement tools are straightedges, vernier calipers, etc.; The three readings on the measuring tool cannot be effectively combined.
The stranded flexible rope is fan-shaped in the cross-section of the cross-linked cable, which is the result of being squeezed by the surrounding objects. The size of this squeezing force and the "diameter" of the stranded soft cotton itself determine the size of the cross-sectional area of the fan-shaped fan-shaped cross section in its use state. Under normal conditions, the squeezing force is constant. If the use state is the same, and the "diameter" of the strands is appropriate, the shape and area of the cross section can reach the ideal state, that is, the purpose of rounding the cable.

The "diameter" of the parallel flexible rope cannot be measured directly. Can a measuring instrument that simulates the use of the parallel cable filling rope be designed to indirectly determine its "diameter" through a certain conversion? The resulting method is as follows: a concave cross-section of a multi-shaped body is made, a pressure plate that is always perpendicular to the two vertical sides of the rectangular groove and can be moved up and down is placed on the pressure plate, and a certain force P is applied on the pressure plate, under the pressure plate The parallel strands of flexible rope are placed in the groove, and the vertical side of the groove is marked with a scale, so that the diameter of the circular strand can be calculated according to the rectangular cross-sectional area of the parallel strand in this state. But the shortcoming of this method is that the tool is more troublesome to make, and the main thing is that the diameter of the parallel flexible cord is large, ranging from 12 to 30mm. Once the rectangular groove on the main body of the measuring instrument is determined, it will not change. In this way, if the manufactured measuring tool is suitable for measuring large specifications, it is not suitable for small specifications, and vice versa.

Through repeated trial and error, it was found that although the cross-sectional shape of the flexible strand is irregular in its natural state, the shape of the cross-section is under the action of continuous vertical and axial pressures on the same plane. It tends to be round. At this point, the "diameter" of the well-stranded flexible rope can be clearly defined-the cross-section is a circle when the parallel-stranded flexible rope is subjected to a continuous vertical and directed constant pressure on the same plane in the same plane Shape (approximate), the circumference of this circle divided by the circumference is the diameter of the parallel cable filling rope at that location.

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