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In the future, the technical requirements for the

Time:2017-06-17 09:10:50CTR:

With the development of social industrialization nowadays, there are already many fields where the demand for cable-filled ropes is increasing. This requires that its quality be guaranteed. Nowadays, the development trend of filled ropes is far from inorganic The powder is so simple, more production enterprises have put their focus on improving the quality of the cable filling rope in an all-round way. It is foreseeable that the technical requirements in this area will gradually increase in the future.

   The first is the improvement of its appearance requirements. In addition to the characteristics of outstanding toughness in the future, the filler rope should also ensure that its sanitation also has a good performance, and the proportion should not be too large compared to other products, so as to facilitate production and use, for consumers to buy filler rope more The low price is required, which determines the low cost when producing the cable filler rope.

Secondly, the transparency should be kept at a high level. It must be viewed from the outside to be a product with good gloss. For example, Shinko Cable produces a refractive index of about 1.63, and the amount of addition in the manufactured pipe Keep it at about 10%, even though the appearance is very transparent, and checking the tensile strength has good results. So if you can increase the amount of addition in specific production, then the production cost of cable filler rope will be reduced, and this will undoubtedly create ideal conditions for winning the future market, so it is also conducive to being invincible in the competition Yes, this means that not only is the filler rope, but in the future development of other cable products, if you want to make a breakthrough, you must reduce the production cost on the premise of ensuring quality, thereby reducing the sales price to win the market.

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