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JiangXI Longtai New Material Co.,Ltd.
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Jiangxi Longtai New Material Co,.Ltd

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Service commitment: In order to better serve the needs of users, do a good job of guiding the use of timely after-sales service, we are in the spirit of "all pursuit of high quality, high quality, and customer satisfaction". Make the following commitments to users based on the principle of "attentive service and reliable product quality":

1. Commitment to product quality:
1. The manufacturing and testing of products are in line with industry standards.
2. The product is tested by professional testing personnel to ensure that the product's indicators meet the requirements of your place.
2. Commitment to delivery period: we ensure that the products we provide will be delivered to the designated location according to the time required by the demand side. If your place has special requirements and needs to be completed in advance, we can negotiate with your place to ensure that your Demand.
3. If the goods provided by the supplier are unpacked and found to have any problems (including appearance damage), they must be resolved in a manner acceptable to the user: timely repair and replacement and exchange for new products.
4. During the warranty period, if the same quality problem is repaired for three consecutive times and still cannot be used normally, we promise to replace the new product and implement the "three guarantees" service for product quality. Outside the warranty period, provide product replacement.
V. Establish a reasonable sales service management system and system:
1. Pre-sale service. Set up a special sales and service organization, the company will arrange relevant professionals to be responsible for the correct and timely use.
2. In-sale service. In order to prevent users from improper use and cause unnecessary losses, in the process of product use, the company will send relevant technical personnel to the basic level to provide technical guidance to users. Ensure that the product is used correctly, so that users can use it safely and at ease.
3. After-sales service. Our company responds to the maintenance service within 2 hours, arrives at the on-site repair within 12 hours, in order to better do product after-sales service, and receives user feedback in a timely manner,
4. After-sales service statement: The services provided by the company are free of charge.

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